Dillon Town Council clears way for controversial five-story condo

The Dillon Town Council unanimously cleared the way for a five-story condominium building in downtown Dillon on Tuesday night amid the objections of many in the packed council chambers, who argued the building would be too big and even threatened a class-action lawsuit.

The proposed building, known as Dillon Flats, will be the first installment of a larger project consisting of 48 residential units, 12 of which will be reserved for year-round Summit County workers.

The town has agreed to sell the first lot for the project, which will house a 58-foot building with 24 units on East LaBonte Street, for $783,000.

The current town council has taken an active approach to development that has sometimes run afoul of homeowners, many of whom guard Dillon’s sleepier atmosphere and see it as a refuge from the bustle of other ski towns.

The last time a meeting was so heated, for instance, was when the town approved an amphitheater overhaul project that some said was too big.

In approving Dillon Flats, council members argued it would help address the county’s severe housing crunch while jump starting development in downtown Dillon, which hasn’t seen a new building in more than 20 years. Many homeowners, however, were not convinced.

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